Welcome to Callius Logistik

we store your ideas!

Callius Logistik is so individual as the requirements of the principal.
Our strengths are customized logistics concepts,
adapted for our customer’s needs.

You can concentrate on your core business;
we will concentrate on your logistic.

Our range of services includes warehousing, within our warehouse area of more than 8.500 sqm, 9.000 euro-pallet and 15.000 shelf places as well as the complete fulfilment services.

Regardless of how you choose the scope of our service, we guarantee you high quality, flexibility and absolute reliability.

Since 2009 plenty of notable customers from the range of insurance, financial service provider, advertising agencies as well as textile and trade belong to our customers.

With the development and implementation of customized logistic and fulfilment concepts we provide you the freedom to concentrate on your core business. You can benefit from our knowledge and challenging us!

Here you can get in touch with us.


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We gain quality from a valuable working
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Our customers Furthermore we have miscellaneous advertising
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Callius GmbH Walter-Gropius-Str. 19 · 50126 Bergheim
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Callius – an absolutely perfect provision of
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Welcome to Callius Logistik we store your
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